Chocolate Fondant Puddings with cream
Melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding baking kit
Chocolate Baking Kit with baking equipment
Chocolate Fondant Baking Box
Chocolate Fondants Baking Kit
Chocolate Fondants Baking Kit
Passion fruit fondant baking kit
Chocolate Fondants Baking Kit
Chocolate Fondants Baking Kit

Chocolate Fondants Baking Kit

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Fondant, lava cake, moelleux.....whatever you call it, this is a showstopper of a pudding! These simple chocolate fondant baking kits combines quality ingredients with a fool-proof method of making sure the pudding is always melt-in-the-middle. Our Chocolate Fondants can be made ahead of time too, kept chilled or frozen, and baked just before pudding time!

Choose from Classic Chocolate or Passion Fruit, which contains a recipe that replaces traditional chocolate with Valrhona's Passion Fruit Inspiration - a blend of cocoa butter, passion fruit juice and a little sugar. 

Makes 4.

Star Ingredient: Callebaut & Valrhona Chocolate Blends

Difficulty Level: Easy

W H A T ' S  I N  T H E  B O X ?

STANDARD baking kits contain dry ingredients + handy baking equipment. Recommended if buying as a baking gift!

LARGE baking kits 
dry ingredients + handy baking equipment + chilled ingredients. 

REFILL baking kits contain dry ingredients only.

Allergens in bold, full information here.


  • Organic Patisserie Wheat Flour
  • Callebaut Milk & Dark Chocolate (soya) or Valrhona Passion Fruit Inspiration (soya)
  • Golden Caster Sugar
  • Callebaut Cocoa Powder
  • Maldon Sea Salt


  • 82% Fat Unsalted French Butter
  • Cacklebean Free-Range Eggs


  • 4 Ramekin dishes
  • Pastry Brush

    D O  I  N E E D  A N Y T H I N G  E L S E ?

    For STANDARD and REFILL chocolate fondant baking kits you will need to add two eggs and 120g unsalted butter.

    You will also need a mixing bowl, wooden spoon or spatula, balloon whisk (optional), saucepan & hob (or microwave), baking tray and oven.

    H O W   L O N G   W I L L   I T   T A K E ?

    Preparation 15 mins + Chilling 1 hour + Baking 20 mins = Total: 1 hr 35 mins

    T U T O R I A L

    Bake-a-long at home with our Chocolate Fondant tutorial here.

    S T O R A G E

    THE BAKING BOX - Store dry ingredients in a cool, dry place; use within 8 weeks. Store chilled ingredients in the fridge and use within one week.

    THE FONDANTS - Once baked, eat immediately! 

    FREEZING - You can keep freeze these chocolate fondants pre-baked in their ramekins for up to 2 weeks before baking.