Corporate Gifts - Bespoke Baking Kits

Treat your staff to a delicious and unique corporate gift with a bespoke baking kit!

Bespoke Corporate Baking Kit Gift

Team Building vs Corporate and Client Gifting

For team building events, we can send the full works - that's pre-measured dry AND chilled ingredients along with handy baking equipment too. Get ready for the corporate "Bake Off"! 

For individual corporate gifts or client gifts, we recommend sending our baking kits that contain pre-measured dry ingredients and equipment only. This gives the recipient a little more flexibility as to when to bake. 


We can include customised flyers, leaflets and gift messages for your team, as well as adapt our baking kits serving size to fit your gifting requirements!


From 100 gifts to one address, or 500 gifts to 500 addresses. As long as they're in the UK, we will make it work! 

Our Clients

We have supplied corporate and client gifts to Monzo, Twitch, Diabetes UK (staff!), Purple Bricks, Vita Student, Badoo Trading - to name but a few of our past clients. 

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