About Us old

Our Beginnings

 BakesterBox was founded in 2020 by Tamsin Robinson, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef determined to share her love of baking as an experience, not just a tasty treat.

After almost a decade of creating delicious cakes and patisserie for private and corporate clients, Tamsin wanted to share her skills and equip others with the tools and knowledge to create fabulous bakes too. 

 Just like that, BakesterBox began...


Our Goals

 Our main goals is to inspire you to bake!

​​We understand that baking from scratch can seem quite a daunting task gathering all the ingredients owning necessary equipment and tools finding time here to take hassle away whilst ensuring you are able produce amazing baked goods at home

Moreover, with all ingredients precisely measured, you'll have exactly what you need, meaning no speciality baking items will go to waste.


Our Style

Pastry chefs are perfectionists (it comes with the territory), yet home baking does not have to be perfection, but we'll do our darnedest to get you there!
Tamsin has curated our kits to contain the finest ingredients (similar to those used by top chefs 5* pastry kitchens) and professional standard tools such as piping bags and silicone paper, to add a little baking flair too!